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Smiling elementary school students exiting a school bus

Important Ideas of Stakeholders

Free Play

"Recess and free play needs to be an emphasis in elementary programming. It needs to be incorporated into the curriculum, and not just an afterthought. Studies show that kids need free time to play with their peers. It helps them concentrate in class, burn off energy and develop social relationships."

Physical Activity

"I would like to see our children have a longer recess period. I don't think 15 minutes a day is adequate. Studies have shown that children learn better when they have physical activity."

Add More Time

"Studies show that more unstructured play time helps kids' brains process. Studies also show that more physical activity time helps kids' bodies."

Social Emotional Learning

"Continue the emphasis on being kind, good citizens. I assume that kids will receive top notch academic education at Carmel Clay schools - I appreciate that CCS also emphasizes teaching kids to be kind."

Brain Development and Learning

"The kids need to move more. 15 minutes is not enough for elementary recess. Studies show that more activity equals better performance. Kids learn through play yet are forced to sit for long periods they cannot handle."